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Arboricultural Theories & Science

A Statement Or Fact


I think the real underlined reason for planting trees or 'green infrastructure' into an urban or rural environment goes  back to the origins of man.

If we believe in the creation theory or believe in evolution, Man was both born and raised in forests, trees, nature. Really this desire for natural greenery is imprinted in all of us. When we decide to add green infrastructure  into an urban setting, we are really acting upon natural instinct to try and create the home we much yearn for.

I think if we all see this as the real reason why we plant trees into an urban or rural environment, its changes the word should into a must, that we must develop more green infrastructure into our urban environments making it a happy world for all. 



Self- optimizing mechanical structure: Trees are living Biomechanical structure; Root growth and Photosynthesis determine the genetics of the tree. A tree is a self- optimizing mechanical structure explains Klaus Mattheck, (1994. Nalini Nadkarni (2008) explains the theory suggesting a tree grows a certain way at different angles to maintain its structure best when open to the elements.


Pruning cuts:  Need to be correct or they may allow pests and diseases into the tree due to not being able to seal the wound. Making your final pruning cut just before the branch collar ( the bulge that grows in-between the stem and the branch) Shigo A.l (1994) explains this in more detail.


Symbiosis in Tree life: Animal life, plant life, and the surroundings all effect how a tree grows. Getting to know the right (PH) level is vital as certain trees require more acidic soils when others require more alkaline soils. Getting this symbiosis correct is important when contemplating planting new tree in urban areas Christopher Roddick (2007) goes into more detail.


Symbiotic Relationships: These relationships are everywhere within a trees eco system without them a tree could not survive. They are like legally binding contracts 'I scratch your back if you scratch mine'. Trees create these relationships with birds insects funghi and many others.


Lightining and Trees:

When there is lightening we usually have rain. Tree that are struck with smooth bark like Ash normally conduct the electricity to the ground avoiding being blown up, the reason for this is that water becomes a constant flow from the top of the tree to the ground level as the bark becomes wet. However trees with scaled bark normally just get blown up as water isn’t a constant flow along the bark this means it can’t conduct the electricity to the ground.


Why is a Trees Shade Better Than Man Made Shade:

Leaves perspire so when we sit under a trees shade we get little tiny molecules of water that lands on our skin and cools us down more than man made shade e.g (Umbrella). Technically trees sweat.


Written By Simeon Balsam


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